Game and Tournament Rules
The official matches for which the CS GO bets best dating sites review best essay for sales are accepted are played by 5×5 teams on esports betting fortnite. The game takes place on one of the cards that are included in the official mappool of the tournament. The bottom line is to defeat the enemy. For this you need to win 16 rounds per card.

The game has 2 sides – CT (Counter-terrorists) and T (Terrorists). The task of the terrorists is to set up a bomb and prevent it from being cleared. The task of the special forces is to defuse the bomb. The team that wins the main task or kills all enemy players wins the round. For successful actions, players are charged money for which they can buy weapons, armor, grenades, etc., with which it is easier to play.

Which team starts for which side the knife round usually decides, less often the coin. Then, after 15 rounds, the opponents switch sides. If a team scores 16 rounds with a margin of at least 2, it wins on the map. If according to the results of both halves the gap is 1 round or the score is equal, additional rounds (overtime, “dopa”) are appointed. In them, the game is conducted to the desired separation on points.